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> Hello Everyone!
> As a new user of xfce I miss some features I had under KDE 3 that I still have 
> on my main computer. I really like xfce on my laptop, but I got used to the 
> fact that if I click on a font file, a programme called "Font View" displays 
> a sample of the font. I could not find anything like that for xfce. What do 
> you do to preview a font? Do I have to install some Gnome packages? If so, 
> which ones?
> To make this perfectly clear: I do not need some fancy font managing tools. 
> All I want is a decent programme that gives me a sentence, set in the font I 
> clicked on in Thunar.
> I am aware of programmes like gtk2fontselect which need a font to be installed 
> on the system already or Opcion that cannot display OTF and doesend accept a 
> TTF file as a parameter. This is not what I would like to have.

Some distributions include the GNOME Font Viewer from GNOME 2.22
or older. In Debian 5.0 (Lenny) it is the associated application for
fonts files and I see relevant thumbnails of them. There is a bit of
discussion on this matter at: 

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