Programmatically Changing the Xfce Desktop Names

Shlomi Fish shlomif at
Mon Dec 28 06:48:34 CET 2009

Hi all!

How can I programmatically change the virtual desktop names of Xfce while Xfce 
is running? I'd like to write a script to initialise desktops 1-8 with names 
that I define in case they get reset.

The background for that is that I configured desktops 1-8 with the names that 
I've assigned and that I am used to, and then tried to run it with Compiz 
Fusion, which didn't work too well (due to problems with my radeon/Mandriva-
Cooker setup). After I disabled Compiz, the number of virtual desktops in Xfce 
was assigned to 1, and when I increased it, their names were not preserved.

BTW, thanks for Xfce! I've been using it when KDE 4 is too unusable (due to 
the fact that Mandriva Cooker includes a pre-release version of it), and it 
seems more usable than IceWM, less annoying than GNOME, and fast. What I could 
use now is a different background/wallpaper per virtual desktop feature (which 
I may opt to work on myself, assuming there is general acceptance that it 
would be a desirable feature). 


	Shlomi Fish

Shlomi Fish
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