slim can not login xfce4

root peter.uboot at
Tue Dec 15 20:09:48 CET 2009

I downloaded the slim-1.3.1 fedora 11 soucecode. According to your
suggestions, slim-1.3.1 login-cmd first launch ~/.xinitrc, otherwise,
launch Xserver default X11/xinitrc. It is awful to define
respectively .xinitrc for each user. I think global script that may be
a wonderful choice. I make a slim-1.3.1-xfce4.patch. It works fine.
Thanks for all the appreciatively suggestions :-).  

+	@cp  desktop 	$(DESTDIR)/etc/sysconfig/ && cp xinitrc.xfce4

+login_cmd           if [ -r ~/.xinitrc  ]; then exec /bin/bash -login
~/.xinitrc %session; else PREFERRED=%session exec /bin/bash
-login /etc/sysconfig/xinitrc; fi

-- <peter.uboot at>

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