ANNOUNCE: parole 0.1.99 released

Ali Abdallah aliov at
Tue Dec 1 14:20:26 CET 2009

parole 0.1.99 is now available for download from

  SHA1 checksum: cdaceb547612f7cfed7a46932478180027f65f7d
   MD5 checksum: 83acd1287953d077e88048064fe33d40

What is parole?

Parole is a modern simple media player based on the GStreamer framework
and written to fit well in the Xfce desktop.


Release notes for 0.1.99

- Fix bug in the active plugin saved list.
- Added translators credits.
- Fix a memory leak.
- reload the logo when the theme is changed.
- Fix compilation with xulrunner 1.9.2.
- Fix bug #6039 concerning the crash on a virtual box.
- Fix a variable type causing the cursor to be set invisible on the
video widget event if no video is playing.
/* Browser plugin */
- Fix buffering info that was displayed in fullscreen mode.
- Stabilizing the browser plugin.

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