Freeze of Thunar with Xfce 4.4.3 (due to recent Fedora 10 updates?).

Rob spamrefuse at
Mon Apr 20 10:28:49 CEST 2009


Fedora 10 still sticks to Xfce 4.4 (next month or so release 11 will come with 4.6).

Todays 'yum update', updated following packages:


To me it seems that ever since Thunar is not behaving properly.
However, there's no direct dependency on these packages by Thunar!?!

The version of Thunar is 0.9.3-1.fc10.

Anyway, when I right-click in the main window, Thunar freezes as soon as
"Create Document ->" gets focus. The submenu never appears!
The mouse is completely captured by Thunar (although the mouse is
moving, it is unusable).

Only ctrl-F2 can bring me to another text VT, from where I must kill Thunar,
and switch back to Xfce.

Is anybody else running into this problem?
Ideas what's causing this? Or how to investigate further?




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