No more password dialog for luks-encrypted devices

Stefan Brand seiichiro0185 at
Sun Apr 12 16:46:33 CEST 2009

Hello there,

on my laptop I no longer do get the password-dialog that should pop up
if one connects a luks-encrypted volume to the computer, just nothing
happesn when I connect te encrypted drive. I did update my distro
(archlinux, updates were for xorg, GTK and some other stuff, but no
xfce-packages) and since this update the password-dialog isn't working
anymore. Normal disks without encryption work without problem. So does
anyone know what could be the problem here? Or where I could start to
search for the cause of this (like enable some debug output in
thunar/exo/tunar-volman etc.)?

System is Arch Linux 64Bit with xfce 4.6
If you need more specific info like hal outputs etc. feel free to ask
(I'm not sure what would be usefull in this case).

Thanks in advance for any hints on how to solve this.

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