Can Xfce plugins work outside of the xfce panel -- or a better way to compiz?

Ambrose Li at
Thu Mar 27 08:10:34 CET 2008

On 26/03/2008, Roberto J. Dohnert <rjdohnert at> wrote:
> Well, I have tried Compiz and I found it mostly annoying.  Saying that
>  its faster than a WM is at best flawed.  Neat effects does not =
>  superior.  And I stand behind my statement that it has no practical
>  advantage and having used it I found no practical advantage of it.  the
>  only thing I see that Compiz does is for Linux users to point to
>  Windows and Mac users and say "look, mine does it too".

This is a strange comment IMHO. I use a Mac and I do find the F9
function useful. If that's what the Scale plugin does then certainly
"compiz makes me more productive" is not a flawed claim.

And certainly Negative, from what I read from a previous poster's
description, sounds useful. Judging from what I've read (I've never
used it), I don't find the argument that "it's just eye candy" convincing.

The 'net used to be run by smart people; now many sites are run by
idiots. So SAD... (Sites that does spam filtering on mails sent to the
abuse contact need to be cut off the net...)

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