Right click menu don't start (XfceDesktopMenu init failed)

Fatih Arslan sabutay at gmail.com
Sat Mar 8 22:48:25 CET 2008

Hi to everyone,

I just build some rpm's, I've installed all packages in the right
order, but however i got some annoying bugs.

My menu do won't appear , if i opened it from the console i get the error:

[code]** (xfdesktop:5630): CRITICAL **: XfceDesktopMenu init failed
(The XfceDesktopMenu module could not be loaded:
/usr/lib/xfce4/modules/xfce4_desktop_menu.so: undefined symbol:

** (xfdesktop:5630): WARNING **: xfdesktop: Unable to initialise menu
module. Right-click menu will be unavailable.[/code]


I can see the desktop icon's, i can change my desktop wallpaper, the
middle-click with the mouse also works, except the right-click menu.
The menu in the panel don't work too.   How can i fix it ?

My spec file is : http://rafb.net/p/m0g42C31.html


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