Clip board problems

Todd and Margo Chester ToddAndMargo at
Thu Jun 26 05:11:29 CEST 2008

Todd and Margo Chester wrote:
> Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
>> Todd and Margo Chester wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>>    I am using Cent OS 5.1 and XFce 4.4.2
>>>    I love to copy and paste from program to program.
>>> Problem:  if I copy in one program and then close
>>> the program, I loose the text I sent to the clip board.
>>> I have to reopen the first program, recopy to the
>>> clipboard, leave the original program open, paste
>>> to the second program, then close the first.
>>>    It is, how to put it, "annoying", although
>>> not approaching "pain in the neck".
>>>    Is this an XFce thing or a Linux thing?
>> Neither.  It's a normal X11 thing.  Try xfce4-clipman-plugin.
>> 	-brian
> Thank you!
> Any problems with Virtual Box?

Feedback:  clipman is getting along perfectly with
Virtual Box 1.6.2 and Windows XP-SP3.

Haven't tried it in virtual Vista (not M$'s finest
hour) yet , but I expect that to work as well.


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