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> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > Thanks very much! I exited and went back in and
> worked. Perhaps had something to do with starting the
> session. I have a couple more questions, however.
> >
> > I like having a big clock (oclock) on the screen. So,
> I type oclock
> > and it shows up all right. However I wonder how I can
> make it
> > "sticky" across workspaces? This does not
> seem to have a window
> > menu so i can not ask for it to be sticky across
> workspaces like that.
> I believe you can right-click its entry in the taskbar and
> make it sticky.

Thanks very much! Being new to a DE, I did not quite understand what you meant, but hit the solution by accident: your suggestion is absolutely correct, and worked like a charm, thanks!

> If you want to get rid of all icons, disable them in the
> behaviour tab
> in the desktop settings. If you want to disable just those
> icons, read
> the readme of xfdesktop as brian pointed out.

Thanks again, I am doing so right now. 

Thanks very much for all your and the list's help. I am in much better shape than I was two days ago using the xfce DE.



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