ANN: Orage version released

juha kautto.juha at
Tue Jul 22 14:59:47 CEST 2008

Hi !

This release probably is the last stable Orage 4.5 release
before the bundled Xfce 4.6. It is mainly a bug fix release, but contains
few small enhancements also.


You can find it from

Changelog compared to the previous stable Orage release
Bug 3829
   - GLib-Critical on g_source_remove in orageclock

Bug 3835
   - No visual confirmation of setting
     Event list updated similarly than Orage 4.4 if appointment is changed.

Bug 3841
   - Appointment end time not updated when start time is changed
     By default Orage now uses duration, which eliminates this problem.
     End date is still not update automatically.

Bug 3851
   - strptime implicitly converted to pointer
     Fix provided by Debian development team

Bug 3885
   - Add support for evolution ics files

Bug 3894
   - typo in orage de translation
     There were more similar errors; fixed them all.

Bug 3904
   - Button layout in confirmation dialog swapped

Bug 3913
   - "Phantom" marks in calendar when switching month
     Thanks to Colin Leroy for the fix.

Bug 3917
   - Todo without due date

Bug 4074
   - Remove mcs-dependency
     Thanks to Stephan Arts, who created this patch

Bug 4096
   - Orage freezes on double click of orage-clock panel plugin

Bug 4209
   - Alarm procedure with redirection (meaning < or >)
     is parsed Incorrectly

Fixed timing problem in orageclock panel plugin.
   - If only hourly (or slower) changing clock was shown,
     the refresh was delayed instead of happening when the time changed.

Several memory leaks fixed.

Corrected some timezones.

Several internal code clean outs and efficiency improvements.

Changed default timezone selection directory to be /usr/share/zoneinfo.

Fixed possible problem in searching the icon.
   - Now using full path as last effort.
     Patch provided by MaLiK

Fixed problem in preferences when setting stick or on top properties.

Fixed error in day view when showing reserved time for appointments
crossing day change.

Gtk-CRITICAL **: calendar_invalidate_day_num: assertion `row != -1' failed
which could happen when changing month in Orage main window.

Bug 3842
   - Event Alarm Settings - Add ability to set/save defaults
     Added possibility to modify default alarms

Bug 3848
   - globaltime doesn't have manpage
     Added man pages for both Orage and globaltime.

Bug 3900
   - Add list of today's events in the mainbox
   Thanks to Colin Leroy for this code.

Several translations updates

Documentation and NEWS updated

Added small arrows into day view to help scrolling

Removed libical week start day setting and replaced that by reading
first week day from locale. There is still undocumented parameter
in case locale setting is wrong. (Bug 3898)

Added categories and made it possible to associate a colour to them.
     Event list and Day list views show categories with the colour.

Added sound to be part of the default alarm.

Made todo box under the main window invisible when it is empty

Refreshing day list similarly to event list if appointment changed.

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