Nick Schermer nickschermer at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 11:23:54 CEST 2008

2008/7/14 Diego Jacobi <jacobidiego at gmail.com>:
> The big problem here is that no one wil contribute in a project where there
> are no goals or todo list. There isnt any written philosophy of design in a
> webpage.
> And that would lead to somebody write an unaceptable app. or patch.
> If someone wants to add the minimizing effect, he will not know if another
> developer is already working on it, or if it will be acepted on the main
> stream. The same for thunar. Somebody have mentioned that networked
> filesystem is in the todo list of thunar, but i can not find that list or
> who and how is doing that, or see any aproach.

Well for developers there is a place called bugzilla and we have one here:
bugzilla.xfce.org. I guess almost every new feature you can think of
is already submitted there, and when someone is working on it: including
discussions how the implement it, patch review etc, etc, etc.

Most (if not all) people working for Xfce and being actually
interested in helping
to *fix* instead of shouting, know to find it.

> Like the suspend/hibernate ubuntu's patch which is not in the main stream, i
> dont know why.

Also a bug in bugzilla, with comments why it's not accepted (could be a time
issue here btw).

> Also distros, normally want to know when the new version will be out, or how
> much longer have to wait.

And _how much_ is that going to help distributions? I think almost every mayor
distribution shipping Xfce has at least 1 active member here in the
Xfce dev group,
and they are all very help full when it comes to testing, reporting
bugs etc. They
also have a quite good vision when a new release is comming.

It's also hard to pick a release date, take a look at projects as
X.org, kernel, gtk... You
never know what problems you'll face towards a release esp. when the project
is low on developer resources, like Xfce. And post phoning a release a
couple of
times isn't gonne work either.


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