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Mon Jul 14 05:28:49 CEST 2008

> If I understand you correctly, then you would like the xfce project as
> a whole to move ahead, and that's why you're interested in the
> features of the stock components, like xfwm4. That's a nice intention,
> but as I wrote above, xfce needs advocacy maybe, and mainly people
> that can contribute code, not discussions about features or being
> lightweight or not :-).

The big problem here is that no one wil contribute in a project where there
are no goals or todo list. There isnt any written philosophy of design in a
And that would lead to somebody write an unaceptable app. or patch.
If someone wants to add the minimizing effect, he will not know if another
developer is already working on it, or if it will be acepted on the main
stream. The same for thunar. Somebody have mentioned that networked
filesystem is in the todo list of thunar, but i can not find that list or
who and how is doing that, or see any aproach.
Like the suspend/hibernate ubuntu's patch which is not in the main stream, i
dont know why.
Also distros, normally want to know when the new version will be out, or how
much longer have to wait. I was trying to find any goals page to find line
saying that this patch would be aplied in the main stream withut success.
Writing on what are working would be very nice or where a developer is
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