Where are the goals of XFCE.

Diego Jacobi jacobidiego at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 01:05:11 CEST 2008

2008/7/13 Jannis Pohlmann <jannis at xfce.org>:

> Am Sun, 13 Jul 2008 15:34:53 -0300
> schrieb "Diego Jacobi" <jacobidiego at gmail.com>:
> > > > I know about it of the fast and low resources DE. but it is just
> > > > a few Mb less than gnome and in some cases i need of nautilus to
> > > > easily browse on
> > > my
> > > > lan by example.
> > >
> > > Fine, you can use Nautilus, dolphin, konqueror, whateverfm...
> > >
> >
> > I can use nautilus, but then whats the point of thunar being so good?
> > i cant use dolphin or konqueror, why would i choose a like weight DE
> > and open heavy KDE apps.
> > I want to use thunar, but i need it to have features to browse the
> > lan, just because of that i need to have nautilus.
> Please, go whine somewhere else. Network filesystems are on the TODO
> list but you have to respect that Xfce is a hobby project. It's not
> sponsored by companies and we're not getting payed to work on it. So
> sometimes new features take time.

You are so wrong about my questions. Please dont answer it if you will do it
like that.
How do you expect to have monetary contribution if you answer like that.
I only found an xfce wishlist which is user contributed and doesnt have any
TODO list or future plans, or how many people is maintainer of X project.
That is what i asking for, the rest of the mail is a deviated conversation.
Also the title of the mail is a short summary of what i need. The goals of
the project, which would be the same as the TODO list. So, you talk about it
but dont point to it.
It isnt here<http://www.xfce.org/search/?cx=008920933163277390313%3Arifucd7pcta&q=todo+list&sa=Search&cof=FORID%3A11#1166>

Here's what we can expect from users like you: respect. That includes a
> less demanding tone in your mails as well. We're not talking business
> here, we're talking about voluntary software development. If you
> *expect* things from us then you are wrong here.

You are not forced to answer.
If someone knows the URL just have to copy/paste it if he/she wants and
press send. Thats all. The rest is just user-whishes which all the world
have their own, are not demands. On what twisted world will i demand to add
some feature? Thats a totally wrong interpretation.
But some features may be planned and/or being worked, but there isnt any web
page saying that, again.

> > > Seriously though,  we
> > > have to make sensible defaults, but the good thing is that it's
> > > entirely configurable so you can adapt the size of the panel so it
> > > fits in the screen.
> > >
> >
> > So that can be configured?, can you tell please where? That "default
> > bug" exists since like 5 years when i first tryed xfce and was never
> > fixed. Seems like all the developers always have used big monitors.
> I've been using 1024x768 ever since. Never noticed that bug you're
> talking about.

Thats why obviously, i have say 800x600, dont you noted that, also 640x480
is very common in some old computers. The panel takes all the width in
When you try a livecd distro and your video card isnt properlly
autoconfigured, you will get an 800x600 screen with terrible big windows,
that gives a bad first impression.
I am attaching the screenshoot, hope you dont mind. Also notice that there
is a tiny bug in the translations (i think). "Etiqueta de boton" is not a
translation that should be there.
This settings window have this size since every time i have tested xfce in
the past.

So in conclusion for this mail, there isnt any public TODO or goals page in
the xfce webpage or wiki.

Thanks for your time, i hope for a continuously evolving xfce, and hope to
fit better to the lightweight
Also i am sure that you know about a new xfce fork <http://lxde.org/>, and
if that isnt duplicated efforts, then i dont know what the deffinition of
duplicated efforts is. :P But if thoose programmers have got the same answer
that i have got, then i understand why the fork.

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