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Mon Jul 14 00:14:27 CEST 2008

Jannis: Thanks for the partial answer.
I dont really like how you answer, and you are not forced to answer.
I dont think that going into verbal agression ("ignorant") is a good way to

I was looking for more details about xfwm4 and metacity, you just say that
xfwm4 is more configurable. Well, finally you give 1 detail.

If you really wanted to know what separates xfwm you could have just
> asked. Questioning the purpose of Xfce is senseless unless we as
> hobby developers do it.

That was what i did.
But for some reason you get insulted by comparing metacity with xfwm. Not
being the developer of any of both, i cant know about any differences.
I was looking for details and information, best possible answered with some
link to the xfce page. Which as i say didnt found any.
I didnt question the purpose of xfce, i question the goals, which are not
answered anywhere. I want to know if the developers still want a lightweight
desktop and are focused to that or just want an alternative to gnome. But i
think that for the bad answer that i have got, there is some kind of bad
felling against gnome. That is sad, but dont blame me for that.

Forget all about it. And dont answer if you dont want to.

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