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Wed Jan 30 05:37:22 CET 2008

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I've been struggling for quite some time, and I'm quite baffled.  I'm
trying to get my keyboard shortcuts to work properly under Xfce, and I
can't figure out what is going on.

I created a new theme and added some keyboard shortcuts to it
(Settings / Keyboard Settings / Shortcuts - Themes), and they work
fine, but they don't completely survive a reset; every time xfce is
restarted, they don't work, until I open the Keyboard settings window
again.  Opening the window, even without actually doing anything inside
it, reactivates them, and then they continue to work fine for the rest
of the session.

[By "not working", I mean that the designated app isn't started, and
the key combo falls to the window with focus.]

I tried a new, test user, and his shortcuts work correctly between
sessions. I assume something has become corrupted somewhere in my
$HOME, but I have no idea what.

I don't know if this is in any way related, but I also am experiencing
similar strangeness with the WM independent xbindkeys (the above
description is without running xbindkeys).  It used to work fine, but
some time ago many of the shortcuts I defined (in $HOME/xbindkeysrc)
stopped working.  Sometimes only the first in the file
would work, but after I used the first one the others would also
(often) begin to work.

Any suggestions?  What could be wrong / misconfigured?

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