ANN: xfmpc version 0.0.1 released

mike.massonnet at mike.massonnet at
Sun Jan 20 18:47:25 CET 2008


I have been around Xfce for a while and never looked inside GObject.  I
have read the theory but I never had a chance to find something to code
on until now.  There it is, my first app based on my own widgets, Xfmpc!

Xfmpc is a client for Music Player Daemon (MPD).  It will have simple
features like a database browser and a playlist.  No big fuzz.

So far, only one widget, the interface with controls.

You can get the first version 0.0.1 while it's hawt ;-)  Visit the
website for screenshots.


Download this release:


Project website:

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