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Thu Jan 10 21:16:40 CET 2008

On Mon, 7 Jan 2008 21:45:43 -0600, "Diego Ongaro" <ongardie at>

> > 4.6 panel will likely depend on DBus anyway, through the new config
> > daemon. Having the panel act as a lightweight dbus proxy makes it
> > trivially easy to add this kind of functionality to panel plugins.
> That seems fine. Or, if someone insists that it should use X
> Selections, it shouldn't matter to the plugins (that's gross, though).
I guess the X selections code should be removed, it seems to me
only like a hack to get it working. Probably the X selections weren't
intented to be used as a method of interprocess communication.
But I don't see why panel plugins need to use DBus at all. DBus can be
used for communication between the panel itself with the command line
tool. Then the panel know which plugin it has to be contact after it
parsed the command line args. And after it knows which plugin to
contact, it emits a "popup" signal to which all plugins connect at
initialization which would like to be informed about these events. The
popup signal may transfer also some additional information like a
gchar* which represents additional given command line options, like:
xfce4-popup xfce4-dict-plugin param1
and the xfce4-dict-plugin can access the string "param1" via the given
argument in the signal handler.
So, for the communication between the panel and its plugins there is no
DBus necessary, GLib's signal system is completely sufficient and much
easier to use. And by passing additional command line argument(s) to
the plugin the whole thing is quite flexible and generlized. Maybe the
command line tool should be indeed called xfce4-panel-msg instead of
-popup but this doesn't matter that much at the moment.


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