Problems with Xfce panels on a new install of (X)Ubuntu

Cliff Pratt enkiduonthenet at
Thu Jan 3 05:31:43 CET 2008

I have a damaged or non-funtional Xfce installation on a Xen guest
system. The history of the system is that it was debootstrapped and
then I installed the (X)Ubuntu packages until I got a reasonably
functional system. However the Xfce panels do not display when I
access the system using VNC. Desktop icons and the desktop itself
appear to work fine. The Panel Manager works from the menus but
doesn't work from the Settings Manager.

I am aware that I haven't given much information here. That's for two
reasons: one is that I want to solve this myself if at all possible,
since that way I will learn more and learn more depply. The second is
that I am not at the location where the machine is and cannot access
it. Well, three reasons, really - I don't know Xfce well enough yet to
ask sensible questions!

I've looked at the Xfce list going back a year without finding
anything similar. I've deleted the client .config file several times,
which doesn't solve the problems, but my immediate question is where
if anywhere the logs and debugging information for Xfce. I can't find
out what is going on, or rather, not going on!



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