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> That is the way way... the only way, to browse them through Thunar.
>  Nautilus supports that feature - Thunar does not.
> Sincerely...
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> Roger D wrote:
>> I want to browse the windows shares in my network from thunar, so, I
>> would like to know what choices do I have for this. Right now I only see
>> a way: manually mount the shares with samba and browse the mounted
>> directory. Is there a better solution for this?
It would be nice if Thunar had something like io-slaves but I've seen the
argument here that it's a file manager not a web browser but I don't agree.
My files are everywhere and I hate having to mount up a share on every
computer just so I can see if something I'm looking for is there. I'm not
sure I care so much about windows or nfs sharing as much as I care for
fish:// or ssh://. Maybe use fuse to add this functionality to Thunar
without changing Thunars codebase that much. It doesn't really matter but I
have to keep nautilus around just for this purpose.

Grant McWilliams
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