Website/Forum/BugTracking Integration ?

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Mon Apr 7 21:24:06 CEST 2008

Alexandru Bucur wrote:
> You all have valid points and i can't disagree with any, but lets see
> if something is possible to do to atract new users and, maybe more
> importantly,  more developers.

I don't think we want to attract the kind of developers who would decide 
not to work with us because we use bugzilla and subversion.

I don't see how changing our development infrastructure has anything to 
do with attracting more users.  (And I'm not a marketing guy; I 
personally don't care about attracting more users.)

> A redesign contest maybe ? I can try to theme all the
> forum/wiki/site/planet/whatever with a design.

We *just* did a website redesign in the past year.  I don't think we 
need another one. still needs to be rethemed for the new 
design, though, and the forum theme could use some love.


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