Website/Forum/BugTracking Integration ?

Kok, Auke sofar at
Mon Apr 7 18:56:37 CEST 2008

Alexandru Bucur wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone else had this idea.
> Imho it would be a nice thing.
> One such app that could integrate everything could be drupal with the
> project management module (even if it's not as good as trac it does it
> job nicely) + forum (yes i know that drupal's forum is a bit retarded
> but then again there are some modules that make it to be decent for
> normal use) + wiki (well drupal's content is something like a wiki. it
> doesn't have the thing to create a
> new page but i think there's a module for that :P) + the book module
> so the documentation book would be easier to update.

a lot of time for what?

xfce's websites are currently easy to maintain - they don't take much time at all.
they're nicely self-contained parts which can be migrated separately and moved
around in case the need exists (like when we moved two weeks ago).

moving to drupal or any other cms would mean that the entire site needs to rebuild
from zero up. all the content needs to be moved, imported / converted and all.

In my experience with many CMS's out there (including drupal) it's never worth
doing this conversion unless you're willing to sacrifice all the flexibility that
we have right now and burn all your time.

so frankly, I oppose this idea strongly,


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