Shift + F4 no longer working in application

OrionBelt orionbelt2 at
Sat Mar 31 03:16:54 CEST 2007

On 3/26/07, TerryJ <listmail at> wrote:

> I cannot track this down.  Shift+F4 is a keyboard shortcut which I was
> using in until recently.
> It is still assigned in the application settings but is ineffective.  I
> cannot find it in the Xfce settings (keyboard or window manager) and it
> seems to have no effect in the desktop.
> What could account for the keybinding no longer working?

There are apparently quite a few problems with keybindings with XFCE
4.4. See for example here:

I am also occasionally getting "bizzare" keybinding behaviors that
then disappear...

One thing you may want to try is Comment #3 in the above bug link:
(Re)define Shift+F4 to do something (whatever) via XFCE's window
manager and/or keyboard (global) shortcuts, then undefine Shift+F4 (no
associated binding), and see if it now works under OpenOffice...

Good luck!

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