Small Clipman discussion

Harold Aling h.aling at
Wed Mar 28 10:56:46 CEST 2007

Gentlemen and gentlewomen,

I have some issues with Xfce's clipboard manager and I'd like to discuss 
them on this list before creating bugs/feature request...

* I often use rdesktop to connect to some of the Windows 2003 based 
servers. With clipman enabled, all _file based copy/paste and 
printscreen_ clipboard actions stop working...
* I also use synergy[1] to work simultaneously on a Linux and a Windows 
XP machine with only one keyboard and mouse. With clipman enabled, *all* 
copy/paste actions stop working on the secondary machine (windows)...
* Selecting text in an Xterm results in double 'active' selections in 
the clipman history, which should never be possible when using 'normal 
clipboard behaviour'.

I often remove clipman from my panel to be able to work on remote 
machines, but I really like clipman for my local machine... Maybe adding 
a 'do not collect items' toggle option to clipman's right click menu 
might be a quick workaround...

I'd like to gather all other annoyances/bugs/feature requests and create 
new bugzilla items out of them...



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