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Stephan Arts psybsd at
Wed Mar 21 12:22:14 CET 2007

On 3/21/07, Linos <info at> wrote:
> Hello,
>         i am trying to change about 30 pos with linux, xfce and dosemu to
> support our old application but i have a problem with the keyboard, i
> will paste here the conversation in dosemu mailing list.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> >>> Hello, i am trying to use dosemu + freedos to change about 30 pos to
> >>> linux, well anything it is working very well (incredibly well) but i
> >>> have only one problem (sadly it is important because we have no
> source
> >>> code of clipper pos application) we use many ctrl+function keys
> >>> combination (alt and shift seems to work well if x doesnt have the
> >>> combination attached to an event) and they doesnt works in xdosemu,
> i
> >>> need launch in x to have the same feeling of my (not too much
> >>> experts :)) users and we launch more than 1 dos program at the same
> time
> >>> so it is more usable in x, i have detected a strange behavior, if i
> want
> >>> to use ctrl+f5 for example i have to use ctrl+f5+f4 and it works but
> not
> >>> ever, if at least work ever i could try to teach my users but it
> doesnt.
> >>> Do i have any way to fix this problem? Thanks in advance.
> > > Does problem exists when you use xdosemu in fullscreen mode (Alt
> +Ctrl+F)?
> > > What desktop system do you use (KDE, gnome, xfce?)?
> > I am using xfce and when i enter in fullscreen mode i have not this
> > problem but the application doesnt looks well and i have the same
> > problem that with the console version (i cant view more than 1 at the
> > same time).
> I suppose your WM catches keyboard events. Unfortunatelly I don't know
> how to change it in xfce (I don't use it). You can try KDE where it's
> easy to change shortcuts settings.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Well i have deleted all the configurable shortcuts in settings manager
> but i have the same problem, anyone here knows how to fix that? Thanks
> in advance.

There are two places where you need to change the shortcuts:

Settings Manager -> Keyboard Settings (Which you have done i assume)
Settings Manager -> Window Manager Settings.

Add a new Shortcut Map and remove the ctrl-F(1-12) keys.
By default they are registered to workspace switching.

Does this work?



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