Two issues with 4.4

hodak at hodak at
Thu Mar 15 18:21:06 CET 2007

On Wed, 14 Mar 2007 mmassonnet at wrote:

> Hello,
> On Tue, Mar 13, 2007 at 02:25:01AM -0400, hodak at wrote:
> > I recently upgraded to 4.4 on both my work (Ubuntu) and home (Gentoo)
> > machines. I see the same on both of them:
> >
> > 2. It is not possible to slide anything under the panel sitting on top of
> >    the screen. This works for panel on the bottom.
> You can hold ALT+Mouse 1 for that to work with the top panel.

That sort of works. This way an application window can be slid under the
top panel, but only when the title bar is out of the screen. For some
reason it is not possible to just slide the title bar under the top panel
so that the whole application window (including title bar) remains on the

My top panel is located in the right corner, it is not full-sized, it only
extends to about a quarter of the screen . The problem I am having is that
if an application is open at the left side of the screen it can start
from the top of the screen (there is no panel to overlap with). However,
if I move the app window to the right so that it gets to the part of the
screen where the top panel is, it cannot start from the top of the screen
due to the panel presence, it can only start from the bottom of the panel.

Is this a known issue? I am seeing this on both Ubuntu and Gentoo.


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