Two issues with 4.4

hodak at hodak at
Tue Mar 13 07:25:01 CET 2007

I recently upgraded to 4.4 on both my work (Ubuntu) and home (Gentoo)
machines. I see the same on both of them:

1. When some applications (such as firefox) start, the Maximize/Unmaximize
   button shows that the application is maximized even though it is not. I
   would not care about this much, but it has an annoying effect for
   application that keep settings from previous runs: On next launch they
   start up maximized, because they falsely believe that were running
   maximized before.

This affect only some applications, I have seen it only happen for
firefox, abiword and links2. Interestingly, seamonkey or epiphany are OK.

2. It is not possible to slide anything under the panel sitting on top of
   the screen. This works for panel on the bottom.

Thanks for your help.


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