Rippling effect when moving windows or scrolling

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Mon Mar 12 22:59:47 CET 2007

Ron Johnson wrote:
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> On 03/12/07 08:05, TerryJ wrote:
>> AFAIK, I'm using the "open source" driver.  I did not get a driver from 
>> nVidia but I'm thinking of doing so.  I've been given a link about DPI 
>> but it means almost nothing to me.  I've had to put KateOS in the hobby 
>> basket for now (which means I'll get almost nothing done on it).  The 
>> link, as a matter of interest, is 
> "nv" is the (open source) driver in (originally in XFree86)
> that is specifically tailored 2D operations in NVIDIA cards.
>> Regarding Ron Johnson's question, I'll have to look through KateOS's 
>> repository/ies to find out which version is installed.  I'm surprised 
>> that there is, apparently, such a major change for the worse in Vesa.  I 
>> don't know what is happening to free software.  So many apps I use seem 
>> to be getting worse instead of better. :-\
> "vesa" is the driver-of-last-resort.  It was, is, and always will
> be, the slowest and most host-CPU intensive driver.

Right, thanks.  "nv" causes weird font display sizes in *some* windows.  
Generally, the fonts are over-sized but, in the case of Thunderbird, the 
fonts look smaller than they should.

I have avoided those issues (until now) in PCLOS by using Vesa.  It has 
been perfect - no font size distortions and no speed issues.  My point 
was that, on this (older version of) PCLOS, *Vesa works well* whereas, 
on the (newer version of) KateOS, Vesa does NOT work well.

One strange (to me) result.  I was using a common ~/.kde/share/config 
folder for PCLOS and KateOS and, now, some of the KDE dialogues have 
been "infected" on KDE apps in PCLOS - they are ridiculously large.  I 
am using the apps in Xfce.


Regards, TerryJ

Using Xfce on PCLinuxOS 0.93 and KateOS 3.2.

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