Bahaviour regarding several workspaces

Erik Harrison erikharrison at
Mon Mar 12 16:07:42 CET 2007

On 3/12/07, Andreas Tille <tillea at> wrote:
>  Other windowmanagers I used (for instance
> fvwm and sawfish) were able to show the upper half of such a large
> window say in workspace 1 while the bottom part was displayed in
> workspace 4.

This is a viewport. Xfce doesn't use viewports, just workspaces.

 I consider this very convinient and I wonder if there
> is a hidden configuration option to accomplish this.

There isn't, but if this is a make or break it feature, you can retain
the rest of the Xfce desktop and replace Xfwm with Sawfish. I
personally prefer Xfwm, but tastes and needs vary.

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