Rippling effect when moving windows or scrolling

TerryJ listmail at
Sun Mar 11 12:50:41 CET 2007

Olivier Fourdan wrote:
> Ah! Look no further, you are using the Vesa Xorg driver... Vesa has no
> hardware acceleration at all, so it's slooooow. It usefull only when you
> cannot find a driver for your video card...
> Cheers,
> Olivier.
I wondered.  I was about to test the nVidia driver again tomorrow.

The reason I made the switch was that fonts in Thunderbird were 
displayed as unduly small - not very small but smaller than they should 
display.  When I use the Vesa driver, the fonts in Thunderbird look right.

I'm using the Vesa driver on PCLinuxOS 0.93 because the Vesa driver gets 
all fonts out of proportion - they become unduly large and it becomes 
very difficult to adjust fonts so that all windows of all applications 
are in proportion and fit happily within the screen.

I am not having the rippling effect with Vesa on PCLinuxOS, so I am 
guessing there has been some change in the Vesa driver from PCLOS 0.93 
to KateOS 3.2.


Regards, TerryJ

Using Xfce on PCLinuxOS 0.93 and KateOS 3.2.

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