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hal needs a lot of patches to function at all.  Do you have at
least these:


I also had to make a patch so it could find dmidecode, since they hard-code the
path to that and it didn't match my system.  I applied more patches,
but those two
(and the dmidecode patch I made) were enough to make CD-ROM drives work.
Like much software today, you cannot build what really works just from
the released
source code.  They like to claim open source but actually it should be called
broken source....

On 3/6/07, Eugene Zagidullin <e.asphyx at> wrote:
> On Sun, 4 Mar 2007 00:45:45 +0100
> "Amir Sabbagh" <almucantarat at> wrote:
> AS> i tried to install it but i didn't succeed...HAL is getting me mad.
> AS> i think i'll create 2 new launchers to mount and umount my usb pen
> AS>
> Also, look at uwd ( and Zenwalk's
> customized udev rules (i don't know where to get package, only iso
> available :( )
> Another way: install pmount and udev rule from here:
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