Install Xfce4 removes kdevelop & vice versa in Debian Sid.

Richard/g richard.holt at
Tue Mar 6 15:46:05 CET 2007

I have a conflict between Xfce4 and Kde on up-to-date 
Debian Sid. 

When installing Xfce4 (3.99.2 from Debian repository) 
apt-get wants to remove kdebase-dev, etc. 

When reinstall kdebase-dev apt-get wants to remove 
xfce4-desktop, etc.

So, currently use Xfce4 and boot another partition to 
compile krusader. Fortunately not every day, but it is 
sort of like dual booting windows, a PITA at the least. 

Has anyone managed to get these 2 to play together?
It seems to involve the fam utility and dependencies. 
Thanks for any ideas.  I've searched, asked in several 
places, but so far no solution. 


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