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little3lue little3lue at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 02:42:59 CEST 2007

tr "translates or deletes" characters in one set with another
so tr id di will replace d's with i's and i's with d's.

In your email your wrote xfmeida-remote instead of xfmedia-remote.
The person who replied to you just wrote "tr id di" as a clever way to imply
that you should fix your spelling mistake.

If you made a typo in your script, thats your problem, if its a typo in your
email, read the man page for xfmedia-remote.
Thats what he was trying to say.

On 6/27/07, tomw at videotron.ca <tomw at videotron.ca> wrote:
> I was not even aware that xfmedia-remote existed until you guys told me
> about it.
> Sorry Mike I'm very confused by this reference | tr id di
> > #!/bin/bash
> >
> > xfmeida-remote --ping (What goes here?)
>   | tr id di
> What is this?  First symbol is a pipe (no problem) ....   tr appears to a
> string function? (tr --help)
> Where is the input to pipe coming from?
> id is current users id (or is it a operand for tr>)  ... can't find
> anything on di
> Please clarify if possible, thanks.
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