Composite manager causes graphic gliches

Jasper Huijsmans jasper at
Tue Jul 17 19:51:08 CEST 2007

Yogiz wrote:
> On Tue, 17 Jul 2007 14:57:48 +0200
> Mathias Brodala <info at> wrote:
>> Hi Yogiz.
>> Yogiz, 17.07.2007 14:46:
>>> Uh, yeah, I don't use compiz and aiglx is disabled since it doesn't
>>> work with atis very well. I'm trying to use Xfce's own composite
>>> manager to get real transparency.
>> For this you need AIGLX enabled which only works with the radeon but
>> not with the fglrx driver.
>> Regards, Mathias
> Wow, really? Does that mean that it's impossible to use my Linux for
> gaming and looking good at the same time (xfce's composite). I mean the
> transparency worked, even really well, it just caused some other
> problems. You sure it's from AIGLX's absence?

No, you don't need AIGLX for Xfce's composite support. Mathias, I don't 
know where you got that idea, but it is incorrect.

Xfce uses XRENDER for compositing and any recent Xorg version should work.

On the other hand, the glitches you experience are probably problems 
with the driver. Or at least I would think that, since XRENDER and 
Xfce's compositor have been tested fairly well, like Olivier said.

It could be there are options for the fglrx driver to accelerate 
XRENDER, I believe nvidia has them as well, but I really wouldn't know.

Oh, it might be that there are problems with using XRENDER and OpenGL at 
the same time, I seem to remember reading about that somewhere. I can't 
remember where, though, so that doesn't do you much good. Sorry about that.


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