Composite manager causes graphic gliches

Erik Harrison erikharrison at
Tue Jul 17 00:15:47 CEST 2007

On 7/16/07, Yogiz <yogizz at> wrote:
> Yesterday I finally got OpenGL to work with my Ati Radeon 9600SE with
> direct rendering. Although glxgears and fgl_glxgears scores were
> extremely low a few games I tried worked rather well. Then I decided to
> start using composite to archive real transparency on my Xfce desktop.
> After inserting both
> Section "Extensions"
>         Option "Composite" "Enable"
> EndSection
> and
> Option "AccelMethod" "exa"
> in my xorg.conf I restarted the computer and activated CM. The
> transparency started working, but numerous gliches came with it. Lots
> of them can be seen on included screenshots.
> Basically most menus are almost impossible to read, a white pattern
> appears in the left side of the screen when a panel in the right side
> is brought back from auto-hide, screen lock no longer hides the screen
> but leaves everything visible, from the starting splashscreen, only the
> animating part is visible and in mail client, most forms are invisible
> until clicked on (as with menus).

Does this or similar occur with other compositing managers, or just Xfce's?

> I hoped that maybe someone here can help me in the right direction as
> I'd like to get this working the right way. When I disable Option
> "AccelMethod" "exa" but leave the other one, nothing changes. When I
> disable both, everything's normal.
> Also a couple of times after turning on CM, my CPU usage has jumped on
> 100% and stayed there. Don't know if that's related.
> Thanks in advance.
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