How do I drag multiple files in Thunar?

Todd and Margo Chester ToddAndMargo at
Mon Jul 9 06:03:46 CEST 2007

Todd and Margo Chester wrote:
> Hi All,
>    Okay.  I give up.  If I select multiple
> files in Thunar with the <ctrl> key,
> how do I drag them all at once to another
> Thunar window (instance)?  All I get is the
> last file I highlighted.  I have tried pressing
> other key, but no joy.  (Yes, I looked in Thunar's
> help.)

Figured it out.  When I selected multiple files by
holding down the <ctrl> key and clicking on them,
I left the <ctrl> key down (yes, in M$ Windows
Explorer style) when I dragged the files.

When I finally let go of the <ctrl> key before I
dragged, all went well.  :-)


p.s. I had to work on a Apple two weeks ago.
About went out of my mind.  Kept getting
it mixed up with both Windows and XFce.
But, I ramble ...  (Apple is not so high quality
as Apple would like you to believe, but just
my opinion.  At least the Free BSD part
actually works correctly.)

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