ANN: xfce4-notes-plugin version 1.6.1 released

mike.massonnet at mike.massonnet at
Mon Dec 24 00:11:28 CET 2007

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This is a new release of the notes plugin, which adds file system
monitoring, and bug fixes.

It works like follows:
  - Create a window: mkdir ~/.local/share/notes/my-notes
  - Delete a window: rmdir ~/.local/share/notes/my-notes
                  or rm -rf ~/.local/share/notes/my-notes
  - Refresh the notes from a window: touch ~/.local/share/notes/my-notes

You can't create new notes inside a window like this, because some
editors creates/deletes many files on the fly.  The only solution here
is to edit your notes, and then run the command `touch`.  But that's
just some geeky code which will never be used, indeed I mostly enjoined
to play with ThunarVfs.  The notes are reloaded if their data is modified.

As usual, enjoy!

Download this release:


Project website:

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