thunar and notify

Scott Jones at
Sun Dec 23 10:02:35 CET 2007

On Saturday 22 December 2007, Robby Workman wrote:

> Ladanyi, Akos wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm using the Xfce included in openSUSE 10.3 (4.4.1). The problem is
> > that Thunar does not notice automatically the files/folder created (or
> > deleted) in the displayed folder (like Nautilus does). I need to
> > manually select View->Reload. What could be wrong with my configuration
> > or the packaging in SUSE?
> You need either gamin or fam, preferably gamin.
> No experience with SuSE here, but it almost certainly includes
> one or the other - you should probably ask in one of the SuSE
> forums or IRC channels.

Thunar is built with fam support in openSUSE.  Fam needs to be running, of 

Akos, you can enable and start the fam daemon from YaST's runlevel editor 
(System->System Services).

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