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Mon Dec 17 19:43:01 CET 2007

Diego Ongaro a écrit :
> On Dec 17, 2007 6:20 AM, Francois Audirac <francois.audirac at> wrote:
>> So my questions are :
>> 1) Can I forced with my panel fixed to be over the fourth panel ? And how ?
>> 2) And if it not possible, how can I force the app to be launched in
>> "place over" mode, without right-click on it ?
> Maybe you could use full-screen mode instead. I think it's Alt+F11 by default.

Yes, it works with some apps but I've two problems :
- I want to force it because the young children (sometimes 4 years)
shouldn't hit every times Alt+F11. So how to force it at launch ?
- Some app like those shown on this screen don't use full screen (it's
written in tcl and don't work with Alt+F11). But other like gedit,
abiword or gthumb work very fine.



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