Hello & Xfce is nice!

Tomas Sören Kindahl tomas.kindahl at comhem.se
Thu Dec 13 11:52:23 CET 2007

[A hi/hello politeness greeting from a newcomer:]


   I just switched from gnome to xfce, because of the trashing of my
computer by running gnome. The fat gnome panel seems to munch mem by
breakfast, and some menu/dialog procedures of nautilus is too tedious,
so I thought that a light-weight desktop that is configurable might be a
suitable replacement. Xfce works nice. No trashing (this far)! No 10
seconds of waiting before directories opens (that is: thunar instead of
nautilus). And my computer is *not* slow nor lacks mem. 

   There's some missed important components however: foremost the
AstroClock (which is a VaporWare from MeMyselfAndMyEgo Inc), that
measures time/moon phase/planet positions in any calendar, including the
Tolkienian Middle-Earth calendar. So, now: experimenting with making
xfce-components by myself:

   1. is it hard (many API calls to know)?
   2. what docs, what code do I read?

friendly greetings
  / Tomas S. Kindahl

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