ANN: xfce4-sensors-plugin version released

timystery at timystery at
Tue Dec 11 23:34:38 CET 2007

Hey ladies and gents,

glad to announce that ion the third pre-release to 0.11, hddtemp 
support is working again with automatic path detection (well, at 
configure-time) and error messages as well, the acpi stuff should 
basically work (and with batteries and fans as well), status values 
like alarms or the acpi fans are treated as on/off now, a few memory 
leaks have been removed, and some minor other work here and there has 
also been done, such as hopefully working with libsensors4 as well.

Plans are now to only fix remaining bugs and do more valgrinding, as 
there are still a few bytes being accumulated over time...


Download this release:


Project website:

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