GTK / Xfce audio CD burner?

Petr Zelenka zelenp at
Mon Aug 20 20:24:11 CEST 2007

> > Well, you might want to take Firefox off the list too, as it's a
> > "commercial" program as well.
> >
> > Oh, did you mean to say "proprietary" or "closed-source"?
> >
> > Regardless, it's a bit closed-minded -- are we here to spread the GNU
> > religion, or to help people find the best way to get done whatever it
> > is they want to get done?  (I suppose for me, it's a mix of the two,
> > but leaning toward the latter.)
> I can think of another reason why Opera should be blacklisted.
> It supports only ix86 arch,not x86_64.

Well, I support Brian. I am user of Opera, so I may not be quite
objective. Therefore take the following as my personal view:

1. Opera is doing its for work for me and it is doing it well. That
means, it offers me comfortable browsing without taking too much

2. Although it is my single Qt application, it is worth for me to have
Qt installed. The keyword is Qt, _not_ KDE.

3. I really don't care (as a user), whether it is open or closed source SW.

If you decide to remove Opera from the list, I would respect it. But I
think it would be pity...


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