Restart Xfce4 session without logging out

Tony.Shum Tony.Shum at
Fri Aug 10 20:14:51 CEST 2007

I usually have multiple xfce sessions opened, when I made preference 
change in one of the sessions, I would restart other xfce sessions to 
re-read the changes.  I am sure others would use this for other reasons.

I also received an email from Lonni, indicated that XFCE3 has this 
feature but not in XFCE4.  I am sure there are lots of others miss this 
XFCE session restart feature too.  Does anyone know why this feature got 
removed from XFCE4?


Mathias Brodala wrote:
> Hi Tony.
> Tony.Shum, 09.08.2007 22:29:
>> Does anyone if Xfce4 has option from the menu to restart session without 
>> logging out?  This feature exist in most WM, such fvwm, icewm and few 
>> others.
> What for? There might be another way.
> Regards, Mathias

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