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Mon Apr 30 10:04:14 CEST 2007

Hi somethin2cool,

  1.1M gam_server
  1.3M xscreensaver
  1.6M cupsd
  1.8M hald
  2.0M ssh
  2.0M hotkeys
  2.1M gconfd-2
  3.2M xfce-mcs-manage
  3.7M bash
  4.6M postmaster
  5.4M xfce4-xkb-plugi
  5.5M orageclock
  6.0M xfce4-genmon-pl
  6.3M xfce4-session
  6.3M xfce4-verve-plu
  6.7M xfce4-mixer-plu
  6.9M orage
  7.9M xfwm4
  8.8M xfce4-panel
  9.7M Thunar
 10.0M xfdesktop
 14.7M tilda
 15.4M gaim
 20.4M Terminal
 22.4M apache2
 25.8M claws-mail
 62.5M X
 84.9M firefox-bin

I've got 512mb RAM on my laptop, this is how the situation looks like
since this morning... 

From time to time thunderbird-2 and openoffice-2.2 will be up and

deimos scripts # free -m
             total       used       free     shared    buffers
cached Mem:           491        456         34          0
21        185 -/+ buffers/cache:        250        241
Swap:          980         74        906

No issues with "responsiveness", even though free is seen as 34 mb

On Sun, 29 Apr 2007 17:22:46 +0100 / somethin2cool wrote:
With a subject: mem leeks

> is it true xfce leeks memory? i am having big memory problems, but i 
> don't think xfce is responsible.
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