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On 4/26/07, somethin2cool <somethin2cool at yahoo.com> wrote:
> When I click the big blue X button, a menu comes up. in it there are the
> commands:
> terminal
> file manager
> web browser
> -
> xfce>
> -
> aps>
> sessions>
> log out>
> -
> something else
> something else
> log out
> Now, in both xfce and aps there are menus containing things like
> graphics
> office
> science
> and in each they contain different things.
> in the menu editor, each is referred to by a single system reference,
> but only one can be the system menu.

There is no "System" menu per se. There is the system include, as you
can see by the word "Include" to the left in the menu editor.

The System include automagically generates a list of menus based on
.desktop files installed by applications. The reason that your apps
are organized in this way (Xfce menu, Apps menu) has to do with the
.desktop files provided by your distro.

> I want the contents merged, and the dud gone.

You can manually edit the .desktop files, which can be laborious.
Consider asking about this on a distro specific lists.
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