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schrieb somethin2cool <somethin2cool at yahoo.com>:

> Kok, Auke wrote:
> > somethin2cool wrote:
> >> I have 2 menus on my Debian 4 XFCE desktop. I've installed from
> >> the xfce disc
> > 
> > whu? an Xfce disc? Xfce does not distributes discs. Perhaps you're
> > asking the wrong group?
> > 
> > Auke
> > _______________________________________________
> > Xfce mailing list
> > Xfce at xfce.org
> > http://foo-projects.org/mailman/listinfo/xfce
> > http://www.xfce.org
> > 
> It's a question about the XFCE menu configuration and how it works.
> This is the right group

Just to explain what Auke meant: there are mainly two reasons why this
might be the wrong group for this kind of question.

1. As with most distributions the Xfce package provided by Debian might
   include patches which we don't know about. Patches of this kind
   may introduce bugs we are - for obvious reasons - unaware of.

2. Distribution CD(s)/DVD(s) install contents which may cause a 
   behaviour which might not be intended by them but which looks fine
   at our end. Like installing certain menu files which result in the 
   same menu appearing twice.

In any case: Please ask your distribution support (mailinglists,
bugzilla, IRC) first - unless you're absolutely sure the bug lies inside
of Xfce.

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