Orage + Thunderbird's Lightning?

juha kautto.juha at kolumbus.fi
Thu Apr 19 17:05:22 CEST 2007

Harold Aling kirjoitti:
> Dear list,
> Has anyone tried to use the same .ics file in Orage and Thunderbird's 
> Lightning?
> Orage can read .ics, written by Lightning, but after adding an item 
> using orage, Lightning can't read the .ics anymore... It seems that 
> Lightning/Mozilla uses it's own timezone information which causes the 
> applications to crash each other...
> Mozilla:
> DTSTART;TZID=/mozilla.org/20070129_1/Europe/Amsterdam: 20070425T100000
> Orage:
> DTSTART;TZID=Europe/Amsterdam:20070425T100000
> Has anybody successfully combined both application using one calendar 
> file (.ics)?
> Cheers!
I don't think this can be done now.
(Unless you don't use timezones, but
floating times, which is not that good

It would be great if you would log a
bug against Orage for this. And
include a sample ics file.

Orage 4.5 has support for so called
foreign files and it should be possible to
add a compatibility feature there depending
on how the ics looks like....


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