xfce and openoffice.org: strange interaction

Christopher Pinon ch_pinon at yahoo.de
Tue Apr 10 14:34:32 CEST 2007


I have a rather strange problem that may be due to a peculiarity of my
system, but I wanted to ask just in case.

Until the Easter weekend I was happily using xfce 4.4 and
openoffice.org 2.1 together with no problems. I then upgraded to
openoffice.org 2.2 and have noticed the following consistent behavior.
When I start openoffice.org in xfce, the window frame (of
openoffice.org) is distorted. This is especially clear in the title
bar. If I move the window around (or to other desktops), the exact
distortion of the window frame changes a bit, but it remains distorted.
Note that the interior of the window (where openoffice.org resides) is
not distorted, hence it _seems_ to be a window manager issue. I never
had this problem with openoffice.org 2.1 and xfce.

I've tried openoffice 2.2 under openbox (no xfce) and kde and this
problem does not arise: the window frame is perfectly fine. Thus, it
seems to be an interaction between openoffice 2.2 and xfce.

For what it's worth, I'm using Slackware 11 and the openoffice.org
binary that openoffice.org distributes, both on an old ThinkPad.

Can anyone replicate this problem? What might be causing it?


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