ANN: xfce4-places-plugin version 0.1 released

ongardie at ongardie at
Thu Apr 5 11:45:46 CEST 2007

Announcing version 0.1 of the places plugin...

The places plugin aims to give users quick access to places on their
file system. For the 0.1 release, this includes 4 "system" bookmarks
(home, trash, desktop, file system) and GTK bookmarks (as shown in
Thunar's sidebar and file chooser dialogs).

More information and screenshots are available on the web site: .

While the plugin should be considered stable, it is by no means
feature-complete. I'm currently working on adding support for volumes
(disks/removable media), which is coming along very well. If you're
willing to test this functionality, I'd love to hear how things go. With
subversion, check out and build .
I will also be merging this branch into trunk over the next couple days.

The 0.1 release includes the following improvements over 0.0.9:
 * Adds i18n support
 * Fixes URL escaping display issue (#3027)
 * Fixes hard-coded Thunar path (#3053)

Please report all bugs on, product "Xfce Panel
Plugins", component "places".

Download this release:


Project website:

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