Shift + F4 no longer working in application

TerryJ listmail at
Sun Apr 1 16:46:03 CEST 2007

Olivier Fourdan wrote:
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> TerryJ wrote:
>> Anyway, I used Settings >Window Manager >Keyboard to assign *SHIFT+F4* 
>> to Move Window to Left Workspace.  The keybinding is showing as 
>> *SHIFT+F16* (there is no F16).  I set it twice with the same result.  
>> Somehow F4 has become F16. =-O
> That would rather make me think of a wrong keyboard definition in your
> xorg.conf.
> Check the XkbRules, XkbModel and XkbLayout in the InputDevice section of
> xorg.conf.
> Also check for .Xmodmap presence in your $HOME. $HOME/.Xmodmap is loaded
> at startup and can change keyboard mapping.

Many thanks.  It was xorg.conf.  All is right with the world.


Regards, TerryJ

Using Xfce (Xfce 4.4 RC1) on PCLinuxOS 0.93

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